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Hello friends and thank you

September 16, 2010

Hello everyone. This blog will chronicle John’s journey through MS, to his surgery on December 15th, and the liberation John will feel after when he starts to use his arms and legs normally.

None of this will be possible without your help. We are aiming to raise $20, 000 in the next 2 months. The treatment alone costs almost $16,000, and doesn’t include flights and accommodations during therapy. We are so lucky to have the level of health care that we do in Canada, but this is something that just cannot be done here yet. Some provinces here in Canada are working to study this new treatment but there’s no time-line of when it will be available mainstream.

For John, seeing what it did for his sister was all he needed to know it was the right choice for him. We encourage you to visit Mary’s blog and Journey of how Liberation Therapy working, and it still working for her.

Visit Mary’s success story here:

If you have PayPal, you will be able to donate directly on this site very soon.  If you do not have PayPal, we will soon provide  you with the banking information so you can go to your local branch and donate directly to the Fund account.

Thank you for visiting, and thank you for thinking about donating.

-Friends and Family of John

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