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Sending out Thanks!

November 12, 2010

Here’s a big shout out to everyone who has been helping out recently:

In no particular order and hoping no one has been left out:
Pro Audio
Robins Nest
Bell Aliant
The Kozy Glo
Tickle Trunk
Cohens Furniture
Dave Fitzpatrick & Family
Larry Seymore
Juanita Lidster
Liz Sullivan
Ward Pike
Terri-Lynn Eddy
Fitz & Chips (& Gravy)
Fred Humber
Lew Skinner
Christing Saunders
Andrew Pretty & Family
Waterstreet Variety
Robins Nest
Bulk Food Store
Sea Side Lounge
Treasure Trove
Avalon Ford
And of course the massive circle of John’s Family and Friends.


It means so much to all of us that you are helping realize this dream.  We are so close right now and still accepting donations.  Please click on the link on the right hand side and do your part to make this happen.

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